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Tapping into the local TV audience gold mine

Local TV Audience: Tapping into the Gold Mine

May 11th, 2015   ||    by Doug Bonderud

What kind of advertising offers the best return on investment? Traditional thinking puts national ads at the top of the list, while local television is often thought of as important but not critical to the bottom line. The rise of geo-targeted programmatic buying, however, positions the local TV audience as a potential gold mine—so how do buyers take advantage of it?

The Rise of Programmatic

According to Multichannel News, programmatic buying is poised to become a dominant force in the television advertising realm “sooner rather than later.”

So what’s programmatic’s big promise? It comes in two parts: better data and improved targeting. It allows buyers to learn more about their intended audience and identify ideal time slots and dayparts. They can then focus on the use of location and demographic data to produce a better picture of individual audience members. This allows ad agencies to create campaigns that target specific needs rather than having to make assumptions. This is where the power of the local TV audience comes into play. Advertisers often avoid this market because it can be more time-consuming in terms of buying ad space and identifying regional pain points. The evolution of programmatic buying, however, has changed this dynamic.

Local Insights, Local Voices

The technology needed to create custom ads already exists, but investments won’t line up with revenue if buyers aren’t sure of the audience that they’re targeting. While many national players provide vast amounts of network data, they ultimately leave companies in the dark when it comes to audience targeting, forcing advertisers to design generic ads and hope for the best. The emergence of geo-targeted solutions for local markets now makes it possible for advertisers to easily buy ad time and get a handle on exactly who’s watching.

A recent article from Street Fight notes that marketers now target data, not content. The result is that local media outlets no longer own the airwaves of specific geographic boundaries. When armed with the right information, buyers can speak with the authority of local voices with the reach of a national brand. Partnering with a programmatic provider that can both automate the buying process and deliver real-time information about viewers’ location, habits, and expectations allow advertisers to reach the local TV audience in a more effective manner than ever before.

New programmatic solutions are changing the landscape and letting buyers tap into the loyal and lucrative market of the local TV audience.

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