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TV Inventory Yield Management Improves With Programmatic Ad Selling

June 29th, 2015   ||    by Duane Craig

The buying and selling of TV ad inventory via automated platforms offers broadcasters and agencies important inventory yield management advantages. Automated platforms can better align the needs of advertisers’ price sensitivities while allowing buyers to serve various market segments in a faster and more efficient manner. Essentially, broadcasters and agencies can more effectively charge different prices to different buyers based on viewer data.

Obtain Deeper Views

Using a programmatic platform allows broadcasters and agencies to achieve deep views of their audiences through aggregated demographic and viewing data. They can then use this information during the planning process to set up audience valuations based on more profound context: Who is the audience? When, where, and what are they viewing? In a traditional advertising marketplace, the data behind audience value is largely based on users who did tune in and only available after the fact. But in an automated environment, inventory yield management is a more precise exercise where prices are matched to buyers based on inventory and audience potential.

Span Multiple Screens and Multiple Programs

With audience fragmentation rapidly increasing, advertisers must pinpoint more innovative and dynamic ways to reach consumers across all media platforms on their various screens. They also need to be able to buy ads during programs that reach their target audiences. Programmatic tools help the supply side forecast the audience values of their inventory, giving them even more to offer. That, in turn, helps them meet the advertising needs of all market segments.

With every impression monetized throughout the campaign, the improvement in inventory yield management is dramatic.

Tap the Holistic Advantage

Programmatic buying also improves inventory yield management by providing the data that allows sellers’ revenues to increase in a holistic way. They can place their entire inventory in front of the most rewarding buyers while still serving their direct advertisers. By using an automated platform, broadcasters and advertisers bring software to the ad selling process. With it, they are vastly improving their inventory yield management process and increasing the value of their inventory.

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