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a programmatic TV ad buying platform offers five good reasons for broadcaster use

5 Reasons a Programmatic TV Ad Buying Platform Is a Fit for Broadcast Stations

July 10th, 2015   ||    by Duane Craig

A programmatic TV ad buying platform changes the dynamics of how ads are bought and sold to optimize the process and better target specific audiences. But, for broadcast stations and groups the advantages don’t stop there. Here are five ways that programmatic TV ad buying can benefit a broadcast station’s sales team:

Enough with the Net Already

Advertising can be like fishing with a net: A lot of fish are caught, but only a few are the ones you’re hoping for. By using a programmatic TV ad buying platform, advertisers can evaluate where higher concentrations of their target audience are located to increase their chances of catching a greater number of ideal fish in their proverbial net. Broadcasters using automated solutions can dynamically sell their inventories at the best possible prices when they can demonstrate the value of these slots with detailed viewer data.

Prepare to Compete

As a rule, new technologies disrupt existing ones, so it’s best to start sooner rather than later when it comes to working with a programmatic TV ad buying platform. According to Media Post, “programmatic TV and its growth trajectory are now part of nearly every prediction list” for 2015. Over-the-top boxes that stream video can track viewing metrics, and the newest televisions rolling off assembly lines can track consumption of live and recorded programming. When combined with other sources of household and demographic data, these increasingly granular viewer details can enhance the value of ad slots for advertisers seeking specific audiences, taking ad targeting to a whole new level of refinement.

Efficiency Is Important

A programmatic TV ad buying platform makes the broadcasters’ end of the process more efficient, from both a time commitment and financial perspective. Campaigns can be quickly strategized, implemented, and evaluated. Automation takes the complexity out of the equation, allowing decisions to be made using sound analysis, leading broadcasters and agencies alike to the best ad spot option more quickly. Broadcasters stand to benefit from the compressed turnaround times, particularly for more routine campaigns that run for a long period. With that extra time, they can better focus their efforts on larger, one-off sales opportunities that require their unique instincts built from experience. They can also reconcile accounts at any interval to keep advertisers, and themselves, happy.

It’s about Value

More often than not, broadcasters have multiple streams of content, with digital ad opportunities arising from programs broadcast across multiple screens. Advertisers can use a programmatic ad buying platform to reach targeted audiences across these screens and optimize their campaigns in real-time. This creates added value for advertisers, making them more amenable to increasing their ad spend.

Impression Based Selling Gaining Momentum

Historically, broadcasters could only sell based on a program’s metrics in general, and to do that they needed to sell the show using GRPs. Programmatic TV approaches advertising from an impressions perspective: When broadcasters can sell impressions instead of shows, they avoid discounting impressions to make up for audience segments that don’t match the target audience, which adds value to the advertiser without introducing new burdens to the process.

Automated ad buying platforms are not intended to replace broadcasters’ inventory managers, rather, they serve as an essential companion to handle routine ad deals to allow the experts to save their time for opportunities that require more thorough attention and finesse. As these technologies are adopted by more organizations, agencies will grow to expect this speed and efficiency for their routine buys.

Check out Videa for more information on how a programmatic ad buying platform can benefit your broadcast station.