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Cross-platform advertising allows advertisers to reach consumers with a strategy that unifies all mediums.

Cross-Platform Advertising: Increasing Your Reach With a Unified Strategy

September 23rd, 2015   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Advertisers 50 years ago probably wouldn’t believe how many platforms are available to today’s brands. The variety has given birth to a new need: cross-platform advertising. As a strategy that promotes unity in all advertising efforts across mediums, cross-platform advertising is not only a necessity but an opportunity created by relatively recent developments in social media, online programmatic display advertising, and programmatic TV.

Beyond a Branded Message

Advertisers have always understood the advantage of consistent branding, and cohesive messaging is not a new idea. However, consumers are accessing advertising mediums that present new opportunities every day. Television has moved from its sole place in the living room or bedroom into the consumer’s workplace, lap, or hand, through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Advertisers can reach consumers at home, on the subway, or in the waiting room. These new platforms, coupled with social media and online programmatic display advertising, have increased reach to consumers exponentially.

With this increase comes a new challenge: How do you take advantage of these new spaces? Consumers’ eyes and ears are available like they’ve never been before, and advertisers have incorporated social media marketing, content marketing, and display ads into their arsenal to grab a larger slice of the pie. But there is still room for improvement. Nielsen reported last year that advertisers can generate up to 8 percent greater reach by using TV and digital media together with an appropriate cross-platform advertising strategy.

Data-Driven Delivery

Programmatic TV presents another layer to cross-platform advertising through the use of audience targeting. Not only can advertisers plan their messaging with digital and TV in mind, but they can also plan with the same audience in mind for both mediums. Programmatic display advertising already allows marketers and advertisers the ability to choose whom they want their message in front of based on their online behavior. By incorporating programmatic TV’s data-driven strategy, these ads can reach the same audience as they watch television, providing messages that build on one another.

The opportunity to present a unified message across platforms doesn’t only mean that advertising dollars are spent intentionally, though that’s one of programmatic buying’s most appealing aspects. It also means that campaigns can be more innovative in their creativity. Advertisers can tell stories that are played out over time, through a variety of mediums, and with minimal effort when their media strategy considers integrated media and messaging.

Programmatic TV’s Place

Cross-platform advertising utilizes consumers’ time in front of each of their screens to deliver relevant, creative ads that ultimately mean smart spending for advertisers and a stronger brand presence. Programmatic TV is the piece that makes cross-platform advertising shine.

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