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Programmatic TV's target audiences allow broadcasters to monetize inventory.

The Value of a Target Audience: How Broadcasters Can Get Advertisers on Board

October 16th, 2015   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Every business must market their product to their consumer base to be successful, and broadcasters are no exception. Viewers allow broadcasters to monetize inventory, with their millions of sets of eyes and ears, while access to those viewers carries its own intrinsic value for agencies. This same reality holds true for programmatic TV, but it promises something additional: a data-driven, targeted approach to reaching viewers. How do broadcasters capitalize on a target audience when pitching their viewers to agencies?

Smarter Spending

Audience targeting is a simple concept with great implications. Similar to programmatic display advertising, programmatic TV uses data about its viewers to serve up the most relevant content. By using set-top box data, demographic information, and other data, broadcasters can convert their viewers into audience groups. Agencies then purchase inventory based on target audience segments.

This specificity enables agencies to be more confident that their advertising dollars are being spent on valuable inventory. If an agency is looking for female viewers between the ages of 25 and 40 who own a smartphone and lease a vehicle, for example, they can spend their dollars on the programs these viewers are tuning in for, rather than guessing which television show is most likely to attract them.

Greater Granularity

The same data capabilities that give broadcasters the ability to group viewers into target audiences can provide agencies with greater insights and measurements of success. As CMO points out, programmatic TV allows agencies to track and share the results of campaigns, providing quantifiable results.

This granularity of data pushes TV advertising to keep pace with the insights digital platforms have shown, ultimately providing agencies the data they need to assign value to inventory that broadcasters already know is worthwhile.

Device-Independent Reach

One of the most exciting opportunities audience targeting provides agencies is the ability to reach specific groups of consumers across devices. It is now possible to incorporate television into other programmatic advertising efforts, including display advertising.

An agency can target its viewers with e-mail marketing, site retargeting, programmatic display advertising, and television ads that work in tandem. Viewers receive consistent messaging whether they are at work, on their phones, or on their couches in front of the TV.

While audience targeting is certainly a boon for broadcasters, allowing them to assign greater value to inventory based on audience segments rather than just on programming, it is equally powerful for agencies. By illustrating the depth of data available, the informed nature of purchases, and the measurability target audiences provide, broadcasters can give agencies new confidence in the inventory they’re purchasing.

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