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Programmatic TV coupled with integrated media can drive messages home to the right audience.

Are Advertisers Using Integrated Media Correctly?

November 11th, 2015   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Are advertisers taking full advantage of integrated media? They no doubt know how important integrated planning is, and consistent messaging across platforms is now expected, rather than innovative. But there is room to grow: True integrated planning not only delivers a consistent message across media—print, television, online display, and social media—but it also delivers the message to a consistent audience.

Consistency Across Platforms

The goal of integrated media is to take full advantage of each touchpoint in the buying process. Whether they use television to strengthen consumer connections, online display to raise brand awareness, or social media to engage consumers, advertisers know that each touch is important. With this in mind, integrated media makes sense. Consistency across platforms ensures consumers won’t have any doubt about a brand’s message, and each touch only further enforces a desired direction and brand perception.

As intentional and strategic as integrated planning is, it may seem like there is little advertisers can do after planning and implementation to ensure an ad’s successful delivery to the right audience. The right target audience is crucial, as CIO points out, but sometimes advertisers can only hope that their consumers will see all of their messages. They may make educated guesses about which websites members of their target audience visit or which television shows they watch.

Incorporating Programmatic TV

There is a way to guarantee the right audience will see advertisers’ messages, however. Programmatic TV gives advertisers the ability to incorporate targeted message delivery into their integrated media planning. Because programmatic TV relies on audience segments, data about user behavior and preferences, and demographic information to deliver ads to specific groups of consumers, advertisers can be confident their message is reaching the right audience consistently.

Coupled with other advertising initiatives, programmatic TV provides new opportunities for control and precision. Advertisers already have large amounts of data available to them from social media and online programmatic advertising. The data gleaned from programmatic TV provides even more insight into consumer behavior and campaign success. This data can then be used to improve messages and future integrated planning.

Recent developments in advertising have provided buyers with more insight, data, and control, and there is no better example of these benefits than programmatic TV. Advertisers who take advantage of the audience segmentation automated buying provides will gain the benefit of integrated media that delivers a consistent message to the right audience.

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