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Programmatic buying gives advertisers the ability to target generations effectively.

How Programmatic Buying Allows Brands to Reach All Generations

November 4th, 2015   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Programmatic buying is the advertiser’s newest tool to reach generations with unique messages. The same data that allows advertisers to target specific audience segments through programmatic buying can be used to reach baby boomers, generation X, millennials, and generation Z.

Searching for Generations Through Programming

Advertisers have traditionally based their inventory purchases on programs a given generation is likely to watch. One of the simplest examples of this is the nightly news. With younger generations typically seeking their news through social media and easily accessible online clips, baby boomers are the assumed clear demographic target for nightly news.

Baby boomers are inundated with commercials about their future financial stability, health products, and new prescription drugs. But what else are boomers watching? Do other generations also watch the nightly news, and are the ads aired at this time relevant to them? What about boomers who have converted to other news sources? These examples of variables have been an inevitable part of the advertising equation for years.

Are Generations Still Relevant?

The generation advertisers most often hear about today is millennials, but there is clear indication that all generations still matter. AARP, for example, is creating their own ad agency, citing baby boomers as a huge market with untapped potential, reports The Wall Street Journal. AARP data reveals that only 10 percent of marketing dollars are spent on boomers, though they come close in number to millennials.

Differences already exist in the messages used to sway generations, and marketers use these differences to their advantage as they tailor advertising and content to each group. Some have even found a new identity with a new generation. For example, Detroit’s increasing popularity is directly tied to millennials, according to Elite Daily. Travel Weekly reports that travel agencies are seeing more traffic from millennials than other generations.

A Simple Solution

To reach specific generations, advertisers don’t need to create departments solely focused on each demographic. Rather, advertisers can use programmatic buying to make their inventory purchases work harder.

Advertisers can create unique messages for each relevant generation and be confident that their message is reaching them, no matter what they’re watching on TV. Both big brands that have a variety of products, such as pharmaceutical companies selling blood pressure medicine and smaller brands with a single product can benefit from this targeted approach.

The advantage of communicating differently with unique generations isn’t going anywhere, but advertisers do have new opportunities to make their inventory more efficient. By taking advantage of programmatic buying, they can use a more targeted approach to reach the right generations exactly where they are.

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