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The Programmatic TV Standards Group is working on audience distribution standards.

What the Programmatic TV Standards Group Means for the Industry

November 5th, 2015   ||    by Jennifer Goforth Gregory

When any industry shifts its technology and processes, one challenge is the need for everyone involved to break new ground. As with most new trends, the first adopters are the ones who set the rules—and the same is true for programmatic TV buying. Each broadcast company uses programmatic a bit differently, but as programmatic television buying increases and grows in popularity, a need for consistency has become apparent.

The Programmatic TV Standards Group

Having no universal standards to follow for data and reporting can create confusion for advertisers and agencies working with multiple networks and cable companies. If each broadcaster operates by its own data structure and standards, information comparison becomes challenging. This is especially the case with audience information.

This issue has led to the formation of the Programmatic TV Standards Group, a joint effort among agencies, vendors, industry leaders, and third-party measurers. The group’s primary goal is to get networks and cable groups to report data consistently, according to AdExchanger. Consistent data reporting allows advertisers and agencies to gain a clearer picture of their audiences. The group also aims to define thresholds and unify audience data variables.

Setting Baseline Parameters

The Programmatic TV Standards Group announced in August 2015 it will start to set baseline parameters for national and locally distributed inventory, according to Adotas. The first standard regards audience distribution, and the group may also standardize the metrics used to track success and determine the impact of an ad.

“In digital advertising, there are various metrics available to advertisers, and so measuring success becomes more of a factor of filtering and applying the right metrics that mattered to that brand,” the article states. “Without such metrics, marketers will basically be using lots of data to set up their artillery only to fire into the dark and hope they hit something.”

Moving Forward With Programmatic Standards

Industry experts hope that standardizing these processes will lead others to embrace programmatic TV buying and increase its adoption rate. Standards should give networks an easier entrance into the industry because they won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

While standardizing audience data is crucial and must be addressed, implementing consistent standards for measurement will be pivotal to the industry. It is at this point that more networks and agencies can join the game, because they will know its rules and be able to stand on a level playing field with competitors.

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