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CES Roundup Recaps the Hot Programmatic Topics from the Show

January 21st, 2016   ||    by Duane Craig

Each year, programmatic advertising gets more attention at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The focus in 2016 was on content and the promise to use data to transform advertising. Here’s a recap of CES roundup coverage.

Programmatic Power

When it comes to the future of programmatic, one CES roundup, published in AdWeek, forecasted its growth and explored new ways to think about content in a programmatic world. In a video interview, Sean Corcoran, director of innovation at Mullen Lowe Mediahub, said the power of programmatic lies in its ability to deliver relevant messages that resonate with a particular individual at the right time. The compelling aspect about it for marketers, he said, is the opportunity to build exciting creative within a great context.

Content Advantages

Corcoran believes the content side of the equation has to evolve. He said, “The agency model is still very ripe for disruption when it comes to the way they think about creating messaging and content.” To blend well with programmatic, the creative effort needs to recognize the flexibility being offered. The idea that you can only create in 15-, or 30-, or 60-second spots is no longer the case. Creative can now build almost any type of content, at any time, so it’s a matter of rethinking the tools they already use and discovering what else is available. But, Corcoran cautioned, this is not just a message for creative people, it also includes account managers, the clients themselves, the people who develop content and advertising strategies, and even those who do the analysis. Content needs to evolve more sequentially while taking advantage of more creative messaging supported by the data.

On the operations side, it’s more important than ever to consider just how content priorities are determined, especially in relation to the type of messaging, Corcoran explained. Content needs the human touch to transcend the algorithms and artificial intelligence that’s being applied. It’s also important to create agile content so the ideal viewer receives the most appropriate messages the brand can deliver.

Market Prediction

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offered a CES roundup focusing on five key areas, with two being particularly significant to programmatic. C Space Storyteller conference participants from Rocket Fuel, Dish Network, and Glenfiddich explored the convergence of programmatic digital and programmatic TV, and suggested it would grow from $1 billion in 2016 to $12 billion by 2020. Dish Network’s Adam Gaynor summed up the programmatic concept saying, “All four of us could live next door to each other, and we could all see different ads while watching the same program.” Participants also talked about programmatic’s efficiency and its effect on reducing waste in the ad marketplace.

All About Data

“Transforming Contextual Advertising and Media Platform Relationships” was the panel that reminded everyone that while the technology aspects of marketing are more complicated, data can help sort out the complexity. It might seem difficult to reconcile how to deliver personal content tailored to individuals without losing awareness in the broader market. But, there are insights to be found by analyzing data that help prevent a loss of attention. The panel’s recommendation is to look at the little data within the big data context to see how well your marketing strategy is working. Then, use those insights to regularly fine-tune and validate your efforts.

Check in with Videa to learn more about the importance of leveraging data in programmatic buys.

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