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Advertising ROI is even more measurable today thanks to programmatic buying.

Measuring Advertising ROI in a Programmatic World

January 27th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

While advertising ROI has traditionally been measured by its effect on brand recognition, inquiries, and sales, it’s often difficult to pin down precise numbers for each unique advertising effort, especially on TV, where there are no clicks or coupons codes to track. In the new programmatic world, however, media planners, broadcasters, and advertisers have more data at their disposal, and the depth of that data will only increase with time. How should each of these roles prepare to survive and thrive in a programmatic world?

Media Planners

The increased insight programmatic buying will provide changes the process from beginning to end, starting with media planners, who need to understand the data and analytics behind measuring advertising ROI. In doing so, planners will be able to incorporate new expected ROI results into their requests for proposals, inventory considerations, and ultimate purchasing decisions. If understood correctly, the data will give planners greater control over the quality and quantity of inventory purchases by using information about audiences and successful impressions, among other factors.


Similarly, broadcasters need to understand the analytics at their disposal to prove their own inventory’s advertising ROI. By tracking previous programmatic buys and interpreting the resulting data, broadcasters should incorporate their own results into sales pitches. Data provides broadcasters proof that their inventory is valuable, even apart from traditional ratings and measurements. Rather than depending on program scheduling to sell inventory, the ability to buy programmatically monetizes individual audiences wherever they are. Additionally, because all parties in the buying process understand the data in the same way, expectations are set and ROI’s measurability is ensured.


Advertisers will also need to be able to interpret the data from programmatically purchased campaigns into actionable improvements for future advertising campaigns. Just as media planners use the data to inform purchasing decisions, advertisers can find insight in their advertisements’ success by reading the resulting data.

Measurement of ROI can be pushed even further through A/B testing of different creative tactics or messaging strategies, comparing different audiences’ responses and more. All this data is a valuable tool even for creatives, since messaging and creative success ultimately depend on advertisers’ knowledge of their target audience.

While measuring advertising ROI has always been an important part of the jobs of media planners, broadcasters, and advertisers, programmatic buying is providing the data to make it simpler and more effective. By examining data results, all parties in the process benefit, and the insight should lead to a better product for everyone.

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