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Programmatic TV buying benefits from large events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games, and the presidential election.

Programmatic TV’s 2016 Trends to Watch

January 11th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

As programmatic TV continues to grow, experts are already looking forward to 2016 trends for the platform. According to Advertising Age, Magna Global predicts programmatic TV budgets will increase fourfold over the next three years, indicating plenty of opportunity for programmatic TV. What’s on the table for 2016? The following are four trends to expect:

1. Big Events for Programmatic TV Buys

Last year, the 2015 Super Bowl saw its first programmatically purchased ads. Similar programmatic buying is growing and will likely become one of the biggest 2016 trends, since major events are a huge opportunity for brands to reach a variety of audiences watching them.

Three events in particular are sure to draw large audiences in 2016: Super Bowl 50, the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, and the 2016 presidential election. Each of these provides unique opportunities for brands to deliver targeted and tailored messages during exciting events that engage viewers.

2. Creative Opportunities

As programmatic TV evolves and grows, another likely 2016 trend will be creative innovation. As brands embrace targeted advertising for television, the industry will see new challenges and ideas from advertisers creating messages made with specific audiences in mind.

Programmatic TV ultimately gives advertisers greater control over their creative projects and how they are executed. This allows room for innovation while simultaneously freeing up time and money from buying and putting them toward creative initiatives.

3. New Money

Increased budgets also result in new money to local broadcast markets. The next few years are important for station groups as adoption becomes more common and brands look for partners in their programmatic buys. Just as brands started to purchase programmatically in 2015, next year will provide more opportunities for local broadcast markets to take advantage of these growing budgets by becoming early adopters.

4. Greater Integration

Omnichannel marketing is quickly becoming the norm, and programmatic TV introduces another level of engagement available to brands. A huge opportunity with great potential, the integration of programmatic TV into marketers’ omnichannel strategies makes it one of the most likely 2016 trends.

As early adopters purchase inventory programmatically for big 2016 events, brands will mirror their targeted engagement through social media and other marketing and advertising avenues. Brands will be able to mirror programmatic TV messaging through corresponding channels, such as social media for millennials or magazine ads for baby boomers.

The next few years will provide huge opportunities for both brands and station groups as programmatic TV budgets increase, and 2016 will see the foundation for these advancements laid. These trends are only the beginning of a new, innovative way to reach audiences through programmatic buying.

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