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The future of media buying now that automated and programmatic buying are taught in school.

Media Buying After a Programmatic Education

February 29th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

As media buying education expands to incorporate programmatic buying, television will see a new crop of digital media professionals and media buyers who are already familiar with automated buying. While their more-experienced counterparts may still view programmatic TV as a “future” tool or innovation, these buyers will see it as a natural part of the media buying process. So what does this mean for traditional buying and selling and automated processes?

Bigger Expectations

The next generation of media buyers will likely expect the benefits programmatic TV can offer. Rather than seeing its innovations as bonus features, they will consider real-time or near-real-time reporting, optimization, and insight into their campaigns as necessities.

Ultimately, the data will inform media buying and provide buyers with the ability to make the most of their purchases through optimization, while providing insight for future purchases. For buyers who are taught that this kind of information is available, a data-driven buying strategy will make sense, and they may rely on the data as a large component of their decision-making and budgeting processes.

Audience Targeting

Media buying will be largely driven by an understanding of the importance of specific audience reach, too. In the same way that data provides an advantage to media buyers, audience targeting will be an essential component of strategy. As media buyers learn about audience targeting across digital platforms, they will naturally want to see the same control over their message delivery in TV.

Rather than relying on program ratings or dayparts alone, programmatic TV will promise greater opportunity to reach specific audiences. Media buyers will likely desire the ability to measure not only an ad’s success, but also who it really reached.

Comfort Across Mediums

Future media buyers will be more comfortable spending their budgets across mediums. While traditional buying is still valuable and necessary, these buyers will feel the same level of confidence when buying programmatically.

As eMarketer reported, current ad buyers are becoming increasingly more comfortable allocating budget to both methods of buying, which will continue as a group familiar with programmatic buying arrives on the scene.

Future Media Buying

As these new media buyers enter into the world of television advertising, they will surely provide a great perspective on new technologies and a level of comfort using them that other buyers may not feel. However, they will still stand to gain wisdom from experienced media buyers, as traditional buying is still an integral part of the television industry.

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