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Better Targeting Through Data-Driven Solutions

Data-Driven Advertising Improves Viewer Experiences and Advertiser Relevancy

March 30th, 2016   ||    by Charlene Weisler

It is a data-driven world. For advertisers, data-centricity has enabled more sophisticated and targeted methods to attract, retain, and engage viewers. The goal is to reach the consumer with relevant, informed messages that help in decision-making without delivering advertising overload or irrelevancy. The use of ad blockers indicates that more has to be done to improve the viewer experience. Here’s how advertisers are improving their messages with data-driven solutions.


Segmentation better connects with consumers because it takes into account the more detailed nuances of human purchasing behavior and interest. A woman aged 18–34 would be in the standard age and gender demographic for motherhood, but may not have a need to receive baby diaper commercials at this time because she doesn’t have a young child. Maybe, instead, she would respond to a male aged 18–34 targeted snowboarding commercial because of her interests and lifestyle. Placing her according to her habits and interests into a consumer-based segment, rather than age and gender target, can mean that she will pay more attention to the advertising message and call to action.

Segment creation services such as eXelate—acquired by Nielsen in 2015 and renamed Nielsen Audience Segments—uses, according to Nielsen, a combination of real consumer behaviors mapped to digital identifiers used to create verified digital audiences. Then, the data is aggregated and stored as cookies and delivered to clients for desktop, mobile, and programmatic TV advertising.

“By leveraging this data integration capability, whether it’s Nielsen’s, our clients’, or other third-party data sets, we can connect directly to over 120 platforms in the ad tech world,” said Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen. “Our integrated stack is bringing ‘total audience’ to life, from media planning through campaign activation, measurement, and optimization. Ultimately, it enables our clients to navigate measurement of mass market audiences and activation of target segments.”

Emotion Tech

Discerning a consumer’s emotional reaction to content is gaining more adherents. Collecting audiences by emotions rather than demographics is a departure from standard media measurement. According to Jared Feldman, Founder and CEO of Canvs, a company whose technology platform measures and interprets emotions, “We organize the world by common feeling. If we feel the same, we are the same beyond the demographics. How we feel affects what we do.”

Will this approach eventually replace standard age and gender proxy measurements? Jared demurs, “There is still a place for demographics, but demographics as we know them will evolve. They’ll become more actionable over time. For example, rather than prioritizing where a person lives or what income bracket they’re in, researchers will ask: What do they find ‘funny’ or ‘crazy’? Aligning viewers to core emotions will take precedence.”

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

But segmentation and emotion-based research are only the first steps. These highly targeted, emotionally compatible ads then need the right placement. This is where dynamic ad insertion comes in. Ad Sales Consultant Kathy Newberger believes, “Context is important for advertisers, media, and viewers. Everyone wants to reach the right viewer with the right message at the right time, the right number of times, while avoiding the ‘creep factor’ of seeming to know too much about the viewer. The smartest marketers are using digital insertion tools to measure viewer segments and then using that understanding to inform their media strategy, not necessarily sending different messages to different audiences.”

The combination of segmentation, emotion tech, and DAI leverages data-driven advertising to its greatest effectiveness, delivering the right message (emotion) to the right audience (segmentation) at the right time (DAI).

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