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Advertisers can utilize targeted advertising to reach local customers

Targeted Advertising: A Local Guide

June 2nd, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Advertisers looking to establish a big presence in a local market have quite a few targeted advertising options at their disposal. Here are four big resources for locally-focused advertising. You’ll see some familiar faces, as well as a few new ideas.

Social Media

There’s no way around it—social media now plays a huge role in local advertising efforts. Social networks provide advertisers with a wealth of information regarding locations, preferences, and brand affinities of potential customers.

By investing in a strong social media presence and social media advertising, brands can conduct targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right audience. Through location information, advertisers can highlight special offers for select customers, promote local events, and more.

Local Broadcast

Local broadcast is still an important piece of locally-focused targeted advertising strategies. As this year’s Local Online Advertising Conference illustrated, broadcast executives themselves are still heavily investing in local broadcast advertising.

To reach local customers, work with your local broadcast groups. If they offer programmatic TV, you’ll be able to even further refine your target audience by purchasing inventory that best represents them.

Newspaper and Radio

As newspapers and radio stations extend their reach to online platforms, they’re still great resources for targeted advertising, especially on a local level.

By understanding your customers, you can choose the right local publications, stations and programs for your ads. Are you customers more likely to listen online while at work or during their daily commute? Do they read the physical paper each morning over breakfast or are they skimming the real estate section during an afternoon break?

An understanding of your audience will go far in every advertising endeavor, but radio and newspaper are a good place to start.


Marketing events are a great way to reach a local audience with targeted advertising, even if they don’t initially realize it. You have a couple of options to incorporate events into your strategy.

The first is to create your own marketing event. This could be a product launch party, a fundraiser for a relevant charity, or exclusive event as a “thank you” to loyal customers.

Your second option is to sponsor existing events. Festivals and concerts are great examples, though there are also many charitable events throughout the year in communities that may be a better fit.

Either way, events provide the opportunity to connect with customers who are a part of a particular audience in a specific location.

Local advertising efforts have been vastly improved by advancements like social media and programmatic TV, and they’re easily augmented with more traditional opportunities like event marketing.

Reach out to Videa today to see which local broadcast groups in your area offer programmatic TV.

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