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Nonprofit advertising incorporates data analysis

The Future of Nonprofit Advertising: Tapping Into Data

July 31st, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Nonprofit advertising is sometimes overlooked when considering industry trends and changes, often pioneered by corporations and well-known brands. As this year’s election highlights changes and advancements in political advertising, though, it sheds light on opportunities for nonprofits.

By using audience data and analytics, political campaigns have increased fundraising abilities and honed in on the right individuals for their messages. Moving forward, nonprofits will use similar tools to reach and grow their base, raise money, and generate awareness.

Audience Reach

Nonprofit advertising is no different from traditional advertising. Nonprofits need to reach the right people with the right message, to spur a desired outcome, and audience targeting is integral to success.

As MediaPost pointed out, politicians are using audience targeting to push different messages to individuals with specific policy views. Similarly, nonprofit advertising benefits from knowing which individuals are already familiar with their organizations, have donated in the past, or have personal connections they can emphasize.

Using data to define audiences means nonprofits can tailor their advertising efforts to a variety of groups.

Measuring Success

Nonprofits depend on donations to survive, and they’re accountable for their spending in a way many other organizations are not. By embracing data-driven advertising solutions, nonprofit advertisers can measure the impact of their campaigns.

Programmatic TV, programmatic display, and other data-rich channels provide insight into who responded well to campaigns to calculate the return on investment and provide an opportunity to make adjustments for future efforts.

Additionally, targeted approaches give advertisers the ability to spend money on the audiences they want to reach, rather than spending money on an entire website’s or television show’s audience. Honing in on specific groups will save nonprofits money.

Right for Every Need

Data-driven advertising is right for every stage of a nonprofit’s funnel. TechRepublic recently interviewed Zac Moffatt, co-founder of analytics company TargetedVictory. Moffatt shared that their political clients use data at every stage in their campaigns, whether it’s campaigns for list-building, fundraising, or awareness.

By purchasing inventory programmatically, nonprofit advertising can benefit similarly by targeting specific groups and measuring their success, whether running an annual fundraiser or trying to grow their newsletter registrations. The data nonprofits collect from campaigns can then be reused for future efforts, allowing them to learn more about their current and potential supporters with each advertisement.

This year’s political advertising strategies provide a context for nonprofits to view their own advertising initiatives. By targeting audiences and collecting data from their ad campaigns, nonprofits can stretch their advertising budgets, more effectively reach supporters, and make real efforts to increase fundraising.

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