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Media Sellers: Craft and Refine Your Sales Pitches

August 2nd, 2016   ||    by Charlene Weisler

How can a seller best refine their sales pitches so that their content is optimally showcased and valued? Even in this changing media environment, sales rules for optimal valuation are evergreen. Media sellers need to be innovative and creative to keep up.

According to Hanna Gryncwajg, SVP advertising sales at RLTV, “Over the past decade the process of working on advertiser’s brand initiatives has unified the ad sales and marketing teams. The most successful sales executives are not just media savvy, they also need to be creative and marketing-centric.”

Focus on the Client

The number one rule according to senior sales executives is to find out what the client wants and needs. What are their goals? Then, discover other attributes that will help a sales presentation be as relevant and targeted as possible. Research not only the client but also their competitive sets, any market or category challenges, opportunities, and brand messages.

Gryncwajg explained, “When responding to RFP’s, one should research the marketer’s brand positioning, strategic goals, and brand voice to create a client solution that aligns with the marketer’s goals. This is true of big media companies and smaller cable networks that rely on this creative alignment to maximize revenue.”

Get Creative

In a digital world of cross-platform, devices and niche targeting capabilities, creativity and innovation could tip the scales in the media sellers’ favor.

“Seamless client solutions, including story line branded integrations, and creation of short-form, native advertising meant to tell an organic story, create a stronger bond between the marketer, programmer, and the consumer/viewer they both service. It also maximizes revenue potential for the seller within big media companies as well as small niche cable networks,” noted Gryncwajg.

Creativity should not be limited to digitally driven solutions. According to Y&R global CEO David Sable, “Creativity is the story, innovation drives it, and technology enables it.”

Strive for Connection and Relevancy

Data has enabled sellers to directly connect with buyers in a more relevant, measurable manner. “What makes marketer-centric selling very relevant for sellers today is the movement of media buying towards audience-based targeting vs. simply age/gender,” Gryncwajg said. “Client solutions and media buys that are focused on the desired consumer/specific audience make for a better consumer experience during a program and the commercial breaks,” she added.

Ross McCray, co-founder and CEO at VideoAmp, believes that within the next five years, “We will be transacting in deduplicated audiences on both the demand and supply side. There are benefits on both sides and they will be working together on this collaboratively.” This would be a first, according to McCray, because both sides benefit from establishing connections to better target consumers.

Holistic Solutions

Dan Riess, executive vice president of content partnerships and co-head of Turner Ignite, summed it up, “The best ideas first come from making sure you really understand a brand’s needs. From there, you need to have the best talent in the marketplace and understand that nothing works if the audience doesn’t see it and doesn’t love it.”

Ultimately, there are three elements to a successful selling experience: the ability to ascertain both the spoken and unspoken needs of the client, delivering an out-of-the-box creatively tailored solution for those needs, and then connecting that message with the right mix of consumer targets for that client.

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