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What Live Broadcast Streaming Means for Advertisers

August 10th, 2016   ||    by Melanie Brown

Over the past few years, which have seen the essential demise of appointment TV, broadcast networks have been searching for ways to hold onto their live viewers. The value of live TV events has increased in that time, since advertisers want their content out there where viewers are actively engaged both in their viewership and on second screen channels like social media.

Those once-yearly live events are great, but it’s no surprise that broadcasters are looking for a way to carry that kind of live viewership over to their other programming. Live broadcast streaming is the networks’ way of keeping a hold on their live audiences.


A few years ago, NBC began trying to combat this through its own exclusive event television. It found success with a live musical production of The Sound of Music. The trend took off from there with 2015’s NBC production of The Wiz and this year’s FOX smash success Grease Live hitting huge ratings numbers. So just like that, live TV is back on the map.

TV production—traditional, from the network side, and from channels like Netflix—is booming right now. New content is generated constantly, and much of it is housed on over the top (OTT) platforms like Netflix and Hulu exclusively, in addition to the traditional cable and broadcast networks. Broadcast networks have had trouble with live ratings, as it’s become clearer that people want to be able to stream content from wherever they are.

Live Broadcast Streaming

Recently, it was announced that FOX was going to be the first major broadcaster to offer live broadcast streaming of its entire prime-time lineup, notes Media Life Magazine. With the cord-cutting trend constantly growing with younger viewers, much of FOX’s programming in recent years has been viewed on second screens and on-demand anyway. FOX is hoping that this answer to the OTT trend will encourage a new generation of appointment TV, and keep its viewers engaged in the content and in the surrounding conversations.

Implications for Advertisers

Live broadcast streaming is a relatively new venture, but it’s been gaining popularity in the last few years. The Olympics, the NCAA tournament, and the national conventions have all seen versions of live broadcast streaming available to viewers. However, those live streaming events have historically been sponsored by a couple of big advertisers, and during ad breaks, the viewers see the same fifteen-second spots over and over again.

Google and Paramount recently teamed up for a new experiment in live broadcast streaming: instant creative. According to Fast Company, the goal is to bring the immediacy and interactive aspects of social media to an event’s advertising. On-the-fly creative was given its first shot at the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, under the premise that viewers would find this kind of real-time creative more engaging than seeing an ad that’s been pre-produced and that you could see at any time on any network.

After the test, Google determined that early results were very promising. Brands have already employed similar strategy through social media, and if this kind of trend takes off, they’ll have to start thinking on their feet even more.

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