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Streaming content isn't just streaming anymore

Digital Streaming Content Isn’t Just Streaming Anymore

September 19th, 2016   ||    by Melanie Brown

Early in the 2016 upfronts, Univision announced an unprecedented agreement with Netflix to air the first season of its original series, Narcos, on linear television. Streaming content services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon regularly make deals with broadcast and cable networks for their original programming, but this latest partnership flips the traditional syndication deal on its head. This will be the first time that an over-the-top (OTT) service’s original programming will air on broadcast television.

Equal Opportunity

Needless to say, this step by Univision is a big one in the quest to level the playing field between television and digital. Not only is it the old guard of traditional media validating the new, but the agreement is also a huge win for advertisers. Netflix’s original streaming content has never before been open to advertisers’ dollars. There’s no doubt that Narcos will bring in more of the big brand names, and the big bucks, for Univision.

Data-Driven TV

On the advertising front, Univision has already positioned itself as a pioneer in the realm of data-driven TV advertising. Around the same time as the Netflix announcement, Univision Communications announced that it would begin utilizing a platform managed by AOL to sell data-driven media plans across its linear TV inventory.

The digital streaming content boom has been crucial in the advancement of data-driven television buys. The content, airing on ad-supported sites like YouTube and Hulu, provides networks and buyers with measurable insight into their audience bases. That data can then be used to purchase ads in the same or similar content on linear television.

Bridging the Gap

This crossover could open up to advertisers a new wealth of data from Netflix’s viewership. Netflix’s data is incredibly valuable in this context. By matching viewer data from Narcos with other viewing data from hispanic-centric content, not only can content developers better target what its audience values in programming, but advertisers will better know what kind of content their audiences are watching.

Looking Ahead

Many are already predicting that digital advertising revenue will overtake television in the near future. Digital advertising has been growing by about 15 percent per year since 2012, and some outlets are claiming this could be as soon as next year. In truth, it seems more like digital and television advertising revenue will be one and the same.

We all can surmise that streaming content views are aided by existing television content, but according to a recent study commissioned by Google, digital streaming sites—YouTube specifically—are actually showing to boost television ratings as well. The relationship between the two media is becoming more symbiotic, and less competitive.

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