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Hiring tips for data-driven advertisers

Hiring Tips for the New Age of Advertising

September 30th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

The hiring tips available to yesterday’s media buyers and planners couldn’t exactly take the skills needed to master the new technologies and improvements into consideration. Today’s buyers and planners work in tandem with ad technology that automates and streamlines the ad process. What do hiring managers need to know in this changing landscape? How, exactly, is the industry changing, and how do changes affect advertisers hiring and training media buyers?

New Landscape for Advertising

The current ad industry is focused and data-driven. Today’s media buys, creative, and marketing strategies answer to data over intuition. The industry may have been hesitant to embrace programmatic buying, automation, and other innovations in the past, but today they’re a commonplace part of the landscape. As a result, advertisers need to blend the right people with technology to find a winning combination.

Automation Affects Hiring

Technology is changing advertisers’ budgets, too. An eMarketer survey reported 55–65 percent of marketers surveyed said innovation initiatives, technology investments, and analytics and measurement will impact their staffing decisions over the next two years. Advertisers need to make the right personnel investments amid all the changing budgets and new technologies.

Striking a Balance

Hiring managers should look for individuals who exhibit a balance between technology mastery and traditional skills. Phil Hollrah, VP of Product Marketing at Demandbase, told Marketing Dive that although technology provides new information, people still need to provide strategic insight and understanding of the data.

The Right Qualities

In addition to familiarity with ad technology, hiring managers can find that balance in candidates who exhibit the following qualities:

1. Willingness to Learn

The advertising landscape is constantly changing, so any media planner or buyer will have automated processes to learn sooner or later. If someone isn’t familiar with all technologies currently used, it’s not a deal breaker as long as they’re willing to pick up and learn new skills.

2. Ability to Multitask

In the interview with Marketing Dive, Hollrah said, “Great marketers need to be multitaskers, capable of blending technology with strategy.” This quality applies to advertising roles of all kinds, as everyone in the industry is learning to integrate the advancements and changes into their jobs. The ability to manage new technology, carry out daily tasks, and learn from data is ongoing and requires the ability to handle more than one area at once.

3. Creative Thinking

With all the impending enhancements and new efficiencies on the rise, challenges are bound to arise. Advertisers should be looking for candidates who are comfortable thinking outside the norm, experimenting, and working to find innovative solutions.

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