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Native programmatic advertising

What’s Up With Native Programmatic?

September 26th, 2016   ||    by Callie Wheeler

It was only a matter of time until native programmatic popped up. The combination is logical when advertisers consider programmatic targeting and automation meeting native advertising’s creativity and viewability.

Both buyers and sellers understand the value of early adoption and staying ahead of the curve, as both benefit from increased efficiency and effectiveness. But when it comes to programmatic native content, is the tool delivering what is being promised?

Native and Programmatic: Friends With Benefits

Advertisers and sellers are looking to combine the benefits both programmatic and native advertising provide. What exactly does native programmatic need to accomplish in order to meet that expectation?

Native advertising is unique in its form and function. As Copyblogger noted, native ads come in a variety of forms, from sponsored content to advertorials to branded posts. This variety of options provides advertisers with the freedom to match ads to the publisher, get creative with story, and integrate content with the rest of their marketing strategy.

Programmatic advertising promises targeting capabilities, the ease of automation, and access to thousands of publishers through one ad exchange. The marriage of these two ad types should provide both targeted and automated creative content.

Native and Programmatic’s First Real Date

As AdvertisingAge reported earlier this year, Google is already selling native ad space programmatically. Google reported over 200 publishers would be using the solution at its launch, signaling the industry is ready for this union to be a reality.

Digiday quoted sellers who were seeing “exponential growth” in spending on native programmatic and an increase in demand for ads. However, Digiday also highlights some of the issues, with several sources indicating that the sell-side is adopting much faster than buy-side, and the content is not always readily available for native ads.

Will They Be in it For the Long Haul?

There remain some larger questions, too. For example, how does programmatic buying impact the quality of native advertising? When advertisers are preparing sponsored content or advertorials for multiple publishers—often not even knowing where the ad will land—how is creative affected? Will native ads lose their effectiveness if they’re no longer prepared for specific publishers? And will the buy-side pick up its pace quickly enough to keep sellers interested?

Advertisers and sellers are constantly adapting to new ad types, and native programmatic is no different. While it may have its own complications and issues that slow down adoption, the benefits are clear enough that both sides will likely push through.

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