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People helping each other up a mountain: TV will help social ROI.

TV Will Boost Your Social ROI

January 17th, 2017   ||    by Callie Wheeler

If you’re looking to boost social return on investment (ROI) this year, here’s some good news: Research is showing television ads can drive social engagement. Every marketer knows seamless integration is key to today’s media strategy as brands juggle television spend, social media investment, traditional platforms like print, and the new norm of digital display advertising. But instead of letting these channels compete for resources, it makes much more sense to partner them for success. As Broadcasting Cable reports, television ads generate one in five social media engagements for brands—seriously boosting their social ROI. So isn’t it time to pair social with TV?

Lift Your Social With TV

Major brands provide the numbers to back up the partnership, with companies like Walmart and Amazon using TV ads to boost social ROI and engagement during one of the busiest retail seasons of the year: Black Friday. The Drum illustrated this boost with a report on social lift, a measurement calculated by comparing social engagement during the two minutes following an ad with the brand’s average engagement numbers. Walmart’s increase following broadcast ads was 141.1 percent, while Amazon saw a 120.7 percent lift after cable ads.

Bottom line? This measurement shows how much more likely a consumer is to engage with brands on social media after seeing their television ads—and some brands are taking advantage of that.

Brainstorm by Example

Amazon’s Black Friday campaign featured a collection of ads called “Alexa Moments.” These 10-second ads were created in-house and, according to AdWeek, were based on real customer experiences. This theme naturally carried over to social media, where viewers could share their own moments.

Other brands, like Progressive, have capitalized on their television spokesperson to stitch their experiences together. Flo, Progressive’s spokesperson, is featured prominently on all the brand’s social media accounts, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram—she even has an official account of her own.

Multitasking Is the New Reality

Today’s consumers do more than simply watch television or check their Facebook notifications with their free time. They’re doing both at the same time, and possibly even more than that, as recent research shows.

Advertisers can and should embrace this reality by:

  1. Focusing on omnichannel strategy—branding that is consistent across all channels.
  2. Creating television campaigns that are easily tied to social media through spokespeople, contests, or shareable stories.
  3. Using data, like social lift numbers, to make decisions and improve future campaigns.

Television is still the best way to reach large audiences, and its reach becomes even more powerful when paired with social media engagement.

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