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Valentine’s Day Advertising’s Yearly Date With TV

February 9th, 2017   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Valentine’s Day advertising proves the holiday isn’t just for lovers—it’s also for some great commercials. Brands from every industry, national and local, can find creative ways to take advantage of the holiday using everything from the naturally romantic to a popular snack among bachelors.

These are some of our favorite ads that showcase what a great couple television and holiday advertising can make. They’re a perfect 10: charming, cute, funny, and smart.

Flowers? Try Ketchup Roses

Canadians were treated to the ultimate valentine last year: a bouquet of Doritos Ketchup roses. The chip company got creative, airing an ad for free bouquets to fans, with delivery available in three Canadian cities.

Seeing an opportunity to use its Valentine’s Day advertising to appeal to millennial consumers, Doritos positioned the gift as a satirical option for hard-to-please men. According to The Huffington Post, the free bouquets were all claimed within hours of the ads airing.

All for Love

Over-the-top (OTT) provider Netflix took advantage of TV reach last year for its “500 Hours” spot. The Valentine’s Day ad suggested the perfect way to get to know someone special: binge watch his or her favorite Netflix shows.

Netflix played to its strengths as a media provider, AdWeek explained, highlighting the way young people use television and movie preferences as markers of compatibility while dating. What’s more romantic than sharing a bowl of popcorn while you binge watch TV?

Diamonds and Dads

Kay Jewelers partnered with NBC last year to share real couples’ love stories. One ad featured a couple who were new parents, while another focused on high school sweethearts who were also recent empty nesters. The jeweler’s Valentine’s Day advertising strategy took advantage of real stories to connect with viewers at home.

Local jewelers can also take advantage of Valentine’s Day advertising opportunities by sharing with their communities what makes their business unique—as unique as their love ones. Now isn’t that sweet?

Not a Fashion Show, For Once

Victoria’s Secret made sure its strategy would pack a punch, not only purchasing air time during the Super Bowl for its Valentine’s Day ad in 2015, but also advertising its advertisement. The brand used a teaser commercial leading up to the game to build excitement for its third Super Bowl appearance.

According to USA Today, Valentine’s Day is the company’s second-largest sales period behind Christmas, and the Super Bowl is an opportunity to reach one of the largest audiences of both men and women leading up to the holiday.

Valentine’s Day offers yet another example of how television’s reach can be the perfect match for creative advertising. And you don’t even have to be selling diamonds or lingerie on a national scale to take part!

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