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$0 Woes? An Ad Buying Platform Can Clear Things Up

July 25th, 2017   ||    by Melanie Brown

Buying local television spots is a great way for agencies to get their clients their impression goals. Aside from offering a cost-efficient method of delivering audience views, buying local spots also brings the opportunity for maximizing audience-targeting efforts, along with other data-driven insights.

An ad buying platform can help roll all of this into one seamless process, achieving a client’s advertising goals with less headache along the way.

When Impressions Fail to Impress

On the flip side, local TV impressions are not guaranteed. Many stations will prioritize running the ads of the highest-paying advertiser, which can mean the other buyers don’t get those impressions delivered. Keeping track of this underdelivery—and of the spots that didn’t run, otherwise known as the “$0 ad”—is a time-consuming process for the agency, and can be stressful for all parties involved.

The need to make up those impressions by the end of an advertiser’s campaign is also one of the most cumbersome—and one of the most common—problems agencies face when buying local TV spots. Agencies can spend a lot of time and money trying to make good on their promises to advertisers and ensure those clients are getting the impressions they’re after.

Often, the end of the campaign is crammed with one-off makegood ad spot buys seeking to deliver the weight an advertiser needs. In order to stay ahead of the problem posed by $0 ad spots, agencies have to stay in constant communication with TV stations and try to make good when they find out about underdelivery.

Better Tech, Better Buys

This is where an ad buying platform comes in. By streamlining the buying process through a one-stop platform, agencies can see actual pricing for the spots available in real time. This helps prevent the chances of a $0 spot happening in the first place. Additionally, real-time campaign performance tracking and reporting helps agencies monitor their buys so they can know immediately if a spot they purchased didn’t run when it was supposed to.

This allows the buyer to think strategically about making up those impressions as the campaign goes—rather than having to chase weight at the tail end of a campaign, which can use up precious resources. In other words, an ad buying platform creates the opportunity for buyers to maximize their client’s investment.

When an agency is able to track delivery and stay on top of their campaigns easily and consistently, the amount of time and effort spent on making a campaign good (and fending off the impact of those $0 spots) is reduced, which is both cost- and time-efficient for the media buyers.

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