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Collaboration in the Media Industry: 5 Things to Do Today

October 23rd, 2018   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Should change lead to increased collaboration in the media industry? Yes. Does it? Not always. But with new technology and new opportunities, collaboration is often the key to successful progress. When we work together, we learn from each other’s experiences, improve change management skills, and go further than we would on our own.

You may be nodding along—totally bought into this vision of harmonious teamwork—but wondering, how does it actually work? It’s easier than you might initially think, so start small and work your way through this list.

1. Know How Other Roles Work

This may seem pretty basic, but it’s surprising how often we stay in our own lane and don’t learn what others around us do in their day-to-day jobs. Work on the sales side? Check out the typical day of a media planner or read up on advertisers’ omnichannel marketing strategies. These small exercises will give you a broader picture and facilitate collaboration in the media industry more easily.

2. Remember Networking Isn’t Just for Job Seekers

Reaching out to colleagues, even those in peripheral industries like technology, corporate marketing, or design, can create opportunities for teamwork and mutual benefit. Networking, as Inc. notes in their best practices, is an opportunity to make friends, listen, and share your own story.

You can learn something from other industries and may be surprised how helpful hearing another perspective is in solving your own challenges. Intimidated by the move to automation? Talk to digital marketers, who have been changing their daily work to accommodate technology developments for years.

3. Get Out of the Office

Check out media industry events, and not just those that pertain to your specific role. Find local and online conferences, networking events, panels, and lectures through industry resources like Ad Age. This will not only expose you to new ideas, but will also introduce you to other professionals, facilitating networking and learning.

4. Think Big Picture

Make a list of all the industry professionals you interact with. If a new technology is on the horizon, think about how it will impact your role, plus your relationship with vendors, your coworkers, and your customers. Would it be beneficial to facilitate a conversation about the ways your jobs and relationships will be different? Can you create collaboration in the media industry through your response to impending changes?

5. Broaden Your Horizons

Just as you can learn from professionals in other industries through networking, you can learn valuable change management and business development skills from other industries. Read a variety of publications, listen to podcasts, and follow innovation trends. Creating a well-rounded perspective will make you an invaluable partner to vendors, clients, and colleagues as you work together.

With so many changes to the media industry, collaboration between different roles will be necessary for success. Start with this list and spread these tips to your colleagues to encourage them to foster a holistic view as well.

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