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Adding Comscore Data Helps Make Change Go Down Easier for Videa Customers

February 4th, 2019   ||    by Alan Wolk

Measuring viewing data in smaller local markets has never been easy, even for Nielsen. The ratings behemoth has often struggled to find enough panelists to create the sort of statistically valid data it built its reputation on, and so about a year ago, Nielsen made the decision to include Comcast set top box data in its calculations.

That proved to be a popular decision in smaller markets where a shift of as few as a dozen or so viewers can impact ratings and thus the profitability of the local broadcasters.

The problems inherent in measuring viewership in many local markets is why Comscore, which also makes use of set top box data has proven to be so popular with that segment of the TV industry.

It’s also why it’s such a smart idea for Videa to now give its customers access to Comscore campaign measurement insights within the Videa platform. This, Videa notes, “will allow media buyers to more effectively reach highly valuable audiences across stations and help local broadcasters better value their inventories within the linear TV advertising ecosystem.”

More importantly, the Comscore data creates a higher degree of transparency so that buyers can feel better about an automated buying system like Videa. The shift from doing the work themselves to letting Videa’s system do the work for them is a big leap and the more support they have—especially from a trusted name like Comscore—the better.

“Comscore is a valued partner and we are excited to offer our mutual clients access to its stable and granular TV data now through the Videa platform,” said Mary Barnas, VP of platform adoption, Videa. “This grants our customers easy access to Comscore’s valuable campaign insights, analytics and ratings.”

“As media buyers increasingly seek out insights on campaign performance and the ROI of their media investment, Videa’s latest partnership with Comscore will provide them with yet another layer of insight and transparency into their media spend, helping them to make easier, more informed buys in the future,” Barnas added.

“We are always looking for ways to help our clients easily access Comscore data via their programmatic platforms, so we are thrilled to expand into the Videa platform, especially as advertisers continue to increase their spend on programmatic television,” said Steve Walsh, Comscore EVP, local.

As the television industry continues to rapidly evolve, everyone in the ecosystem must evolve along with it. Change is necessary, but never easy, and the more control that media buyers feel they have over new systems like Videa—including the ability to closely track campaign results—the better.

I suspect that as buyers get more familiar with and comfortable with automated buying, they’ll even find new and inventive ways to make use of the data, ways that allow them to take advantage of the additional time they now have thanks to automation, and the additional performance data they now have thanks to Videa and Comscore.





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