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Leadership-Hiring Strategies for TV Industry Change Management

February 5th, 2019   ||    by Callie Wheeler

Leadership-hiring strategies are more important than ever. While we may often discuss the future of television, we also need to consider who will lead us into that future. Whether you’re hiring on the station side or agency side, there are a few keys to ensuring new hires are the right fit for the role and our rapidly changing industry.

Hiring (Change) Managers

Clearly our industry grows rapidly. To support that growth, TV stations and ad agencies need leaders who are adept at change management. As technology- and data-driven processes materialize, leaders must not only educate employees, but also create a culture shift. An increasingly popular term is “data-driven culture,” meaning an organization-wide desire to make decisions based on data analysis and facts, rather than gut feeling.

Your leadership-hiring strategies should include vetting candidates for change management abilities. For agencies, the question to ask may be, “How do you help your team adapt to data-driven advertising?” For stations, candidates could be asked, “How do you ensure new technologies are both understood and adopted?”

Making the Right Moves

Knowing where to invest is another key need for today’s TV industry leaders. In many cases, technologies come and go quickly as new ones take their place, so it’s vital to determine where and when to invest time and money. To determine a candidate’s experience in this area, agencies and stations can ask for past examples. In both the advertising and broadcast worlds, there are plenty of examples of technologies they will have either used or considered.

An Eye Toward Innovation

It goes without saying that your leadership-hiring strategies should include an assessment of candidates’ foresight and eye for innovation. A keen understanding of the direction of the industry and the aptitude to anticipate changes will serve agencies and stations well.

To gauge this skill, stations will want to ask leadership candidates both the challenges they anticipate for the industry, as well as how stations can not only adapt to these but also leverage them for growth. Agencies, on the other hand, will likely want to ask interviewees where they see the advertising industry going over the next five years and how that impacts their leadership choices.

Intentional Leadership

As the TV industry looks for new leaders, embracing some simple leadership-hiring strategies will ensure those hires are prepared to lead agencies and stations into the future.

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