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Broadcast Advertising Education: How to Keep on Top of the Industry

March 26th, 2019   ||    by Susan Kuchinskas

In an evolving industry, and with thought leaders constantly exhorting the need to keep up with the times, anyone in broadcasting can feel under pressure. Is it time to update your skills with some broadcast advertising education?

Broadcast advertising education can make you more competitive in the job market while illustrating to your current company that you’re committed to excellence.

We’ve pulled together some of the best options for continuing education options that will keep you on top of your game.

Tech Teachings

The 4A’s Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies offers 12- to 14-week regional courses designed for working professionals. The courses cover the breadth of today’s advertising, including emerging media. Because the faculty is pulled from leading area agencies, it’s a great way to network, too.

The Academy of Art University’s School of Advertising is another program aiming to teach skills used by top agency folk, including traditional and emerging media.

Data will continue to be crucial for marketing. Renee Menard-Badigian, an account director at MediaCom, told Broadcasting & Cable, “With ad tech evolving so quickly, we need to be not only media strategists, but also data strategists. We need to be experts in understanding various data sources and how to use this information to inform our media plans.”

Get a handle on big data at Salon Marketplace.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another technology that’s pervading every area of advertising. Learn to talk the talk with a Udemy Artificial Intelligence for Business course, which promises you can “solve real world business problems with AI solutions.” To understand what your more techie counterparts are on about, try another Udemy class, Artificial Intelligence: All You Really Need to Know.

Industry Conferences

Many industry and vendor conferences have pre-programs that teach concepts, strategies, and advanced skills. They’re a fun way to get an intensive drill.

Cynopsis’ That Big TV Conference gathers brands, agencies, and programming executives in New York to examine revenue options, new technologies, and advances in measurement and data.

The Advanced Advertising Summit covers the business of television advertising, with an emphasis on data, automation, addressability, programmatic, and measurement in TV advertising.

The TV Data Summit is a highly focused conference to make you a true data geek.

One of the key themes of the Connected TV World Summit is sustaining the ad-supported TV model, while data, maximizing the value of content, and the emerging TV ecosystem are also important topics to be covered.

AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O is one of the largest programmatic conferences. The April conference has a track dedicated to TV and video that includes a session on advanced TV measurement best practices. As programmatic advertising moves into TV, it’s important for everyone in broadcasting to have a firm grasp of the elements and opportunities of programmatic.


While they’re not actively involved in implementing or using new ad tech, it’s important for managers to understand what technical employees can accomplish—as well as to inspire them.

The New School’s Master of Science in Media Management offers tools, professional networking, and practical experience in managing traditional and emergent media platforms. It has six core areas, with marketing and media sales, integrated media strategies, and data analytics especially on target.

The National Association of Broadcasters’ Broadcast Leadership Training aims to teach managers, department heads, and executives how to run or own a TV station. It’s a 10-month, MBA-style program with a commitment of one weekend per month in-person in Washington, D.C.

And you’ve heard of managing up, right? The American Management Association has a valuable course that will teach you how to be persuasive and get the results you’re looking for even when you don’t have a lot of authority.

Finding Your Place in Ad Tech

One big takeaway from our research into continuing broadcast advertising education is that it’s best to find one small piece of this huge and shifting landscape and focus on it. As television advertising gets more and more technical, it takes many more minds to implement it. It has become a world of specialists.

If you’re a media planner, for example, your choice for broadcast advertising education might take you deep into data science or artificial intelligence. If you’re on the sales side, a dive into data could turn you into a specialist in audience segmentation. Using your broadcast advertising education budget—of both time and money—to build deep expertise in one area will turn you into a tech star.

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