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Transforming TV Advertising Buying – Educating the Brand

March 15th, 2019   ||    by Gary Milner

There is a never-ending stream of information on cord cutting, subscriber loss, audience loss by media providers and consumer viewing behaviors rapidly changing.

What is often missed is where the brand managers who own the media dollars are in their transition to understanding this change. I sympathize as it’s all a bit confusing, especially if you have another day job.

I have the pleasure of consulting Fortune 500 companies at the intersection of media and adtech and unfortunately the change is not happening as fast as the consumer is moving in my view.

So, when I was at the Digiday Media Buying Summit in Nashville last month, I asked myself why that was. Deidre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital officer from Mediacom delivered a message in her presentation, “CUSTOMER CENTRICITY + EMERGING TECHNOLOGY = SCALEABLE CHANGE”

Applying this to brands and TV budgets, brand staff need to understand what customers are thinking about around streaming TV, where are they doing this and why are they doing this (customer centricity) all while being aligned with the technology and acronyms (MVPD, OTT, etc.) associated with it (emerging technology).

Quite a challenge.

So, how do you fast track your way to change?

Deidre explained how you transform today for an exponential tomorrow through education. Using the framework below brands could easily start to lift themselves across this journey from discovery to robust programs that change the existing habits.

One brand asked me about the changing TV landscape “Is there a book on this TV stuff?” A key part of the solution is to embrace an education process in the organization and ask for your agency or tech supplier to educate the teams.

Tech suppliers also need also to be thinking about an education process as a key sales component to move the customer along the journey. The customer could be the brand or small/mid-sized agencies that need to move from the traditional media buying methods of TV.

What is for sure, the consumer is behaving differently. TV advertising distribution is changing and will continue to morph. What you cannot allow to happen is to let the consumer leave you behind. The ending is never pretty.

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