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Can Your Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Benefit From Automated Ad Buying?

August 6th, 2019   ||    by Oriana Schwindt

Omnichannel marketing delivers fantastic results: businesses that use an omnichannel strategy retain 89 percent of their customers, according to a survey from Invesp. This strategy has never been easier to accomplish—yet can also be bewilderingly complex. That may be why only one-quarter of marketing professionals have chosen this strategy (have all, most or half of their channels connected), according to eMarketer.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What Is an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign?

Omnichannel generally refers to an overall marketing strategy that is centered around the customer journey. From the first time the customer sees an ad, all the way until they purchase a product, the brand is right there with them.

Think about the retail world. A customer sees an ad for a clothing brand sale on TV. She goes to the brand’s online store and puts something in her cart. She forgets about it before purchasing it, for any number of reasons—but is reminded of her unfinished purchase the next day via an e-mail from the store.

Omnichannel marketing is different than a mere multichannel campaign, which is just a campaign running across more than one medium, like a brand advertising on TV as well as on social media networks.

How to Use Automated Ad Buying to Create an Omnichannel Campaign

You can’t be everywhere your customer is manually—that would require more manpower than most agencies have. Additionally, by automating this process, you introduce the seamlessness that marks an omnichannel campaign.

For a true omnichannel marketing campaign, you need to use a single platform that both integrates all of your channels, like e-mail, social, and web, and allows you to take an integrated and separate view of how different parts of the campaign performed.

Three Benefits of Automated Ad Buying

1. Reporting

Having to cobble together disparate results from different marketing platforms can be a nightmare—not least of which because you’ll likely have different KPIs for each platform. By automating your omnichannel efforts, you can have all this information in one place and can compare performance.

2. Campaign Performance

Companies with omnichannel strategies are more successful: omnichannel shoppers spend up to 13 percent more in stores, according to the Harvard Business Review. Automating the elements of that campaign can also improve performance. For example, executing an automated TV buy that addresses the same target audience as the digital elements of your campaign has the benefit of reinforcing your message.

3. Scale

Particularly if you’re a local advertiser, you aren’t going to have the resources for manual execution of an omnichannel strategy. By using an all-inclusive platform, however, the results that come with this strategy are within reach. You can be a local auto dealership that sets up a TV ad buy and then harnesses interested customers that come to your website or social channels. You can be a local food franchise that utilizes a rewards program that uses a combination of physical and online channels to retain customers.

These are just some of the benefits of an automated omnichannel marketing strategy. The time to explore all of them is now.

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