“I love that Videa’s platform enables us to sell the way we want to sell. I have been in this business 20 years and just moved to Houston, a top 10 market. Every station has their own preferences for how to do business. Videa enables us to manage programming changes, potential conflicts and drill down on pricing so managing our station’s pricing and inventory is easy. It actually helps us make sure that we don’t miss anything.”

— Kari, National Sales Manager for KHOU, TEGNA

Custom Partner Integrations and APIs

Videa provides a series of Web Service APIs which can be leveraged by authorized demand-side business systems trading partners, order management partners, sell-side partners and data partners. These APIs allow our partners to seamlessly integrate Videa functionality directly into their existing solutions.

If you have questions about our available web service APIs, functionality or would like to discuss partnering with Videa, please contact us at info@videa.tv.

Become a Technology Partner

Videa Technology Partners are key stakeholders and participants in the television advertising landscape.

Together, we make it easier to buy and sell TV advertising. Each technology partner – stations and their station groups, demand-side partners, order management partners, and data partners –  are industry leaders committed to creating a more seamless and effective way of selling and buying full-schedule television inventory.

Stations and Station Groups – Inventory owners are now able to monetize their full schedule of forward-reserve inventory. Partners include Hearst Television, Sinclair, Gray, Scripps, TEGNA, Hubbard and more. Videa’s sell-side platform was built for local TV stations and their station groups, helping them increase spot TV revenue by using data and automation. Click here to see a map and list of all Videa markets and stations.

Demand-Side Partners – DSPs allow local broadcast stations to tap into new demand sources and revenue streams. Buyers have the added benefit of one-stop-shopping within the systems they use today.

Order Management Partners – Videa is the only automated supply-side platform seamlessly integrated with both Mediaocean and FreeWheel Advertisers (formerly STRATA).

Videa is proud to be DARE certified with Mediaocean via their Connect and Spectra platforms.

Data Partners – Nielsen and Comscore partnerships offer more data-informed selling and buying. Buyers can now avail spot TV for clients with the targeting, efficiency and effectiveness that digital, network and other mediums offer today.

For more information about Videa Technology Partnerships and the opportunity to partner with Videa, please fill in your information below.

Together, we can offer a solution that makes it easier to buy and sell full-schedule TV advertising.

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Stations and Station Groups

Demand-Side Partners

Order Management Partners

Data Partners

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Videa's Technology Patent

Videa’s patent: “Systems and Methods for Selecting Television Content Inventory and Predicting Available Inventory” provides methods for using advertising traffic system data to automatically and predictively match available advertising inventory to potential buyers, among other areas. Portions of the Videa technology are made available under US Patent No. 9,986,275.