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CES 2020: Broadcasting Is Here to Stay

Even a skeptic like Rich Greenfield believes in the future of broadcast television. “Broadcast still gets massive reach and there will always be a market for broadcast television and the advertising that goes with it,” he said in an interview with Innovid CTO Tal Chalozen at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last […]


Local Broadcast News Meets the Rebirth of Linear

The 24-hour news cycle has put much pressure on local broadcast news stations to find ways to remain relevant. First it was 24-hour news channels, which fortunately had little in the way of local coverage, but the rise of digital media and social media, which often can be local, has put the squeeze on local […]


Why Is Change So Difficult for The Media Industry?

Last week I was at the Los Angeles Television and Internet Week conference, hosted by GABBCON. In addition to getting to see the inside of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel for the first time, I was treated to a number of very interesting high level takes on what is going on in the TV and […]


Political Advertising In The Spotlight At Programmatic I/O

Given the amount of attention the upcoming presidential election is already receiving, and the number of questions I’ve been getting about how easy it would be to hack the election using TV advertising, I was very anxious to hear Mark Jablonowski, Managing Partner & CTO, at DSPolitical give a talk entitled “How To Capture 2020 […]


Expanding the Universe of Television Advertisers

One of the more interesting points made during the Future of Television Show last month was that the ability to run addressable advertising will result in a dramatic expansion in the number of brands that are able to afford to advertise on national TV, bringing that number from a few hundred to a few thousand. […]