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Brand Affiliation in TV Shows: Considerations for Advertisers

Advertisers have come under fire for certain ad planning choices, and brand affiliation in TV shows is something to consider when making those decisions.


Assessing Risks of TV Advertising: Implications of New APB Resources for Ad Buying

Many risks of TV advertising concern the content in which an ad appears. The APB’s new resources are aiming to mitigate those risks.


Does Cutting Back on TV Ads Equal Cutting Back on Ad Revenue?

Some networks are pledging to reduce TV ads by up to 40 percent. What will this mean for advertisers and for ad revenue?


What Sinclair’s Live TV Streaming Service Means for the Industry

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s live TV streaming service could be a game changer for other local broadcast networks.


Expanding Your Target Market: How Far Should You Go?

When is expanding your target market a good idea? Though audience trends are getting smaller and smaller, sometimes, you just need to go big.