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New Technology: 5 Cutting-Edge Techs We Can’t Wait to See Come to TV

With TV/digital convergence, new technology could transform television ads. AR, 5G in the car, QR codes, and—maybe—smell-o-vision could engage viewers.


Negative Advertising: Effective, Dangerous, or Both?

It’s tempting to use negative advertising to make your brand seem better, but it’s a dangerous route. Learn from brands that won and lost at this game.


Rebranding Your Business: Why and How

When is it time for rebranding your business? What are the best practices? And how do you get the word out? Learn by example in this article.


Decline of Newspapers Presents Opportunity for Local TV

The decline of newspapers means local TV stations have an opportunity to fill the gap and to innovate. What are best practices?


TV Tech and the Changing Role of the CMO

The changing role of the CMO reflects technology advancements that let marketers reach consumers cross-channel. TV technology is the latest challenge.