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Linear TV Means Consistent Ad Revenue

Linear television offers consistent ad revenue and many advantages for advertisers.


Streaming Platform Churn Begs the Question: Who Wins the Streaming Wars?

Streaming platform churn is the reality of a competitive television landscape. Find out why churn rates are increasing, and why linear TV has an advantage.


Presidential Debate Ad Space Will Go at a Premium Thanks to High Debate Ratings

Thanks to high primary debate ratings, presidential debate ad space will go at a premium. What’s the best way to reach these viewers?


Why Is Change So Difficult for The Media Industry?

Last week I was at the Los Angeles Television and Internet Week conference, hosted by GABBCON. In addition to getting to see the inside of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel for the first time, I was treated to a number of very interesting high level takes on what is going on in the TV and […]


Decline of Newspapers Presents Opportunity for Local TV

The decline of newspapers means local TV stations have an opportunity to fill the gap and to innovate. What are best practices?

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