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New Technology: 5 Cutting-Edge Techs We Can’t Wait to See Come to TV

With TV/digital convergence, new technology could transform television ads. AR, 5G in the car, QR codes, and—maybe—smell-o-vision could engage viewers.


2020 Olympic Advertising: Going for Gold in Spend?

The 2020 Olympic advertising season is just around the corner. Here’s a look at this year’s ad spend projections.


Presidential Campaign TV Ads Are the Past, Present, and Future

Why did Michael Bloomberg jump into the race with $37 million in presidential campaign TV ads? Because digital has some serious issues.


CES 2020: Broadcasting Is Here to Stay

Even a skeptic like Rich Greenfield believes in the future of broadcast television. “Broadcast still gets massive reach and there will always be a market for broadcast television and the advertising that goes with it,” he said in an interview with Innovid CTO Tal Chalozen at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last […]


Analyzing Black Friday Advertising Spend in 2019

How did brand outlook affect Black Friday advertising spend this year?

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