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What Advertising and Marketing New Hires Need to Know: A TV Industry Primer

We break down what advertising and marketing new hires need to know about the TV industry from day one.


The Four Ps of Marketing: Do They Still Apply in Today’s Landscape?

The TV ad landscape has changed significantly since the concept of “the four Ps of marketing” was introduced, but it’s still a useful framework.


Local Broadcast News Meets the Rebirth of Linear

The 24-hour news cycle has put much pressure on local broadcast news stations to find ways to remain relevant. First it was 24-hour news channels, which fortunately had little in the way of local coverage, but the rise of digital media and social media, which often can be local, has put the squeeze on local […]


Bad Product Placement: When Brands Go Too Far

Bad product placement can distract from the story and be detrimental to the brand. Advertisers can learn from others’ mistakes.


Negative Advertising: Effective, Dangerous, or Both?

It’s tempting to use negative advertising to make your brand seem better, but it’s a dangerous route. Learn from brands that won and lost at this game.

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