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Videa’s order management and stewardship
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Plus, real-time avails and pricing in
Mediaocean and FreeWheel Advertisers (formerly STRATA) in seconds… seriously.

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Simplify workflows

  • Avail for full (or partial) markets across all DMAs
  • Improve stewardship and reduce manual processes
  • Streamline workflows with Mediaocean and FreeWheel Advertisers (formerly STRATA) integration

Better campaign results

  • Real-time campaign performance tracking with integrated platforms like Nielsen and Comscore
  • Proof of performance – access real-time reports and monitor campaign orders
  • Significantly reduce makegoods

Transparent pricing

  • Reduce transaction time and multiple rounds of negotiation
  • Buy based on GRPs or impressions and access up-to-date inventory with automated Videa ratings
  • Maximize client investment and run rates

Did we mention the agency pays zero commissions?


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  • The Right Inventory for the Right Audience… in Real-Time

    Buyers can access forward reserve, local broadcast inventory. Stronger audience targeting with enhanced data for tracking campaign progress and performance in real-time.

  • Plan buys a full year in advance with full schedule inventory

    Order inventory weeks or quarters in advance and avails are delivered to the buyer in seconds. We’re not talking about RTB or remnant inventory – and we’re not retrofitting digital models for TV.

Some questions we're usually asked...

Backed by Cox, Videa was created to deliver the only live, supply-side marketplace for full-schedule, forward reserve broadcast TV station inventory that can be ordered weeks or quarters in advance.

We come from TV and are passionate about maximizing the value of television.  So we built the technology that works the way sellers and buyers transact today, except we’ve built it to also support a more automated sales process that allows for efficient negotiation. Plus, it reinforces order transparency and optimized, station controlled pricing.

We also offer order stewardship services and avails delivered to the buyer in seconds.

Buying and selling media shouldn’t have to be so time consuming; with Videa, it won’t be.

Videa has automated the parts of the sales process that are cumbersome – e.g. avails, makegoods and posting. Our technology works the way sellers and buyers transact today, except we’ve built it to also support a more automated sales process. Our end-to-end campaign management system also happens to support more effective negotiation.

We’re not just robots replacing people; Videa’s order stewardship offers human touch points that support:

  • Buyer order / station order comparisons
  • Ensuring spots run as ordered
  • Makegood searches through station inventory and buyer and seller guidelines
  • Ratings delivery tracking

Videa simplifies the sales process and lowers the cost of the sale without impacting the value of inventory.

We’ve automated the parts of the sales process that are time consuming – e.g. avails, makegoods and posting while helping stations optimize their pricing using data and analytics – keeping inventory from being undervalued and reducing makegoods.

Plus, by offering full-schedule, forward reserve inventory (not remnant, last minute) to both digital and traditional buyers, we’re driving better results for our partners and helping agencies make smarter, more targeted television buys across platforms, with greater simplicity and transparency.

The way spot TV has been bought and sold hasn’t changed for 50 years.  In a technology-driven era and a culture that demands increased efficiency, it’s only natural we demand efficiency with our own industry’s systems and processes.

Buyers need to eliminate some of the time-killers like redundant manual processes and the volume of negotiations and makegoods while still maximizing a client’s investment.

Sellers need a simplified sales process and order transparency without relinquishing full control of their pricing. Manual ratings research and worry over revenue projections take time away from what sellers should be doing… selling.

Videa makes it easier to buy and sell full schedule TV advertising.

We understand it’s common for broadcast groups to have different traffic systems, and historical data can be difficult to analyze since it requires significant cleaning, can span multiple source systems or be difficult to access after a system upgrade.

Videa’s technology collects, transforms, and processes up to four years of historical traffic data – regardless of multiple traffic systems across station groups.

  • We securely pull in four years of historical traffic data, using TVB and BXF standards to facilitate usage.
  • We then “smooth” the data by removing noise, seasonality, specials and anything out of the ordinary the station ran in order to find a pattern, allowing us to see the TV viewer numbers with more granularity.
  • Once the pattern is established, seasonality is added back in and fed into the Videa Inventory Management System.

Agencies can waste over 20% of revenue each year on makegoods. It’s time to get that back. Eliminate many of the redundant manual processes with Videa’s order stewardship. Plus, get optimal campaign results, avails in seconds and transparent pricing right in the systems most buyers use today… seriously.

Advertisements are delivered to the right audience at the right time and agencies pay zero commissions.

You can still buy spot TV for your clients with the targeting, efficiency and effectiveness that digital, network and other mediums offer today, but with added benefits:

  • Access to full schedule, forward reserve, local inventory delivered in seconds
  • Data-driven revenue management and forecasted station pricing
  • Seamless, buyer workflow
  • Avails in seconds, not days
  • Reduce time spent estimating ratings
  • Easily copy previous campaign avail request specs to a new request for ongoing buys

Over the next two years, we will continue to focus on our commercial platform in order to ensure that we are well positioned for the market needs of the future. The launching of the TV industry’s first programmatic marketplace, our first solution, provides direct access to station inventory and the ability to schedule media buys – up to a year in advance. We’re pleased with the success that we’ve had thus far and look forward to building on this in the months ahead.

If you have questions not addressed here, reach out to us at support@videa.tv

To see for yourself how Videa works, email us to request a one-on-one webinar.

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