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TV Tech and the Changing Role of the CMO

The changing role of the CMO reflects technology advancements that let marketers reach consumers cross-channel. TV technology is the latest challenge.


Impression-Based Advertising: The Move Away From Ratings

The TVB wants the television ad industry to move to an impression-based advertising model by January 2020. Why now? Learn the five benefits of this move.


2020 Advertising Spending Growth Predictions

When it comes to predicting 2020 advertising spending growth, expectations vary widely thanks to the 2020 presidential election and the Summer Olympics.


How Inclusive Demographics Are Changing the TV Industry

America’s population is changing. Inclusive demographics measurement is making sure TV reflects that change.


Fox Bets WWE Sports Entertainment Can Transform Its Friday Nights

Fox bid $1 billion on WWE’s SmackDown, a major bet on live sports entertainment. But the deal could solve many problems for a reshaped Fox.