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Broadcast Advertising Terms: A Glossary for an Evolving Industry

The convergence of TV and digital, plus new planning and buying options, have spawned new broadcast advertising terms. Test yourself on these nine.


TV Ad Tech’s Self-Service Opportunities—and Advantages

Self-service TV ad tech is designed to appeal to the needs of media buyers and facilitate the relationships inherent in TV advertising.


Where Did the Ad Spend Go? Local TV Buying From a 2017 Upfront Perspective

Reviewing the 2017 national TV upfronts can provide us a deeper understanding of how the local TV buying space is changing.


Multiple System Operators Bridge the Gap to Local Ads

To keep up with changing consumer behaviors, marketers need to get closer to the consumer. Multiple system operators can help.


Private Marketplace, SSPs and DSPs: A Streamlined Process

Demand- and supply-side platforms work together in a private marketplace for selling programmatic TV. Here’s how they refine the bidding process.