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Presidential Campaign TV Ads Are the Past, Present, and Future

Why did Michael Bloomberg jump into the race with $37 million in presidential campaign TV ads? Because digital has some serious issues.


TV Tech and the Changing Role of the CMO

The changing role of the CMO reflects technology advancements that let marketers reach consumers cross-channel. TV technology is the latest challenge.


Expanding the Universe of Television Advertisers

One of the more interesting points made during the Future of Television Show last month was that the ability to run addressable advertising will result in a dramatic expansion in the number of brands that are able to afford to advertise on national TV, bringing that number from a few hundred to a few thousand. […]


The Future of Addressable TV Is Here. Are You Ready?

With addressable TV spend set to shoot up to $3.3 billion by 2020, the future of addressable TV is looking bright.


Addressable Households Reach Tipping Point in 2019

The number of addressable households in the United States continues to grow; stations, advertisers, and agencies follow.