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Why Treat E-Cigarette Ads Any Differently Than Cigarette Ads?

E-cigarette ads, and usage, took off this decade. Growing concern over health and marketing to teens has many pushing to ban the ads.


Linear TV Means Consistent Ad Revenue

Linear television offers consistent ad revenue and many advantages for advertisers.


TV and Digital Advertising: Lies We Believe

For the modern brand, TV and digital advertising are just two of many required marketing channels. Don’t believe the lie you have to choose between them.


Excess TV Campaign Ad Impressions: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Ad impressions waste may not be waste at all. Advertisers may find that these impressions can help reach swing purchasers and new demographic targets.


Trust in Advertising: Where Does Traditional TV Stand?

There are many challenges facing advertisers today, but trust in advertising trumps them all. Here’s a look at the state of trust in TV advertising today.