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What Advertising and Marketing New Hires Need to Know: A TV Industry Primer

We break down what advertising and marketing new hires need to know about the TV industry from day one.


New Year’s Resolutions for the Media Industry

During 2019 I have had the pleasure to mix with agencies, brands, media and tech providers at events who all have views on where our media market is headed. Reflecting on this, below are the key things that need to be considered between brands and agencies, heading into 2020. Move to Total Video Planning – […]


Boosting Employee Satisfaction Is About More Than Free Coffee

What does it take to keep your employees happy and productive? If you think it’s as simple as “boosting employee satisfaction,” you’re doing it wrong.


Ten Thoughts from Ad Agencies at the 2019 Digiday Media Buying Summit

I was at the Digiday Media Buying Summit in Miami recently with many of the industry agency, AdTech suppliers and brands. Although there wasn’t a specific session on 2020 predictions, it is clear the media business is in a world of change and will continue as the digital cookie monster eats its way into TV […]


Advertising Agency Challenges: How Agencies Are Evolving to Meet Needs

With a host of advertising agency challenges, here’s how agencies are evolving to meet ever-changing and myriad needs.