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Why Addressable and Programmatic TV Advertising Are Having A Moment

While it’s easy to confuse programmatic and addressable, both seem to be getting the lion’s share of the TV industry’s attention these days. Or at least that part of the TV industry that is focused on advertising, as evidenced by the conversations last week at the Programmatic TV Summit. Since it’s easy to confuse the […]


How to Keep Your Clients Happy, Part 1: The Media Buyer’s Guide

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, it’s easy to wonder how to keep your clients happy amid all the trends, changes, and new technology.


Programmatic Buying 101: Small Brand and Agency Edition

Once you’re equipped with the basics, you can move beyond programmatic buying 101 and give it a try.


Set-Top Box Data Is Changing the Game

Set-top box data is changing the ad buying game. How is it helping, and what are its limitations?


The Future of Nonprofit Advertising: Tapping Into Data

The future of nonprofit advertising looks a lot like recent political advertising.