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Why Is Change So Difficult for The Media Industry?

Last week I was at the Los Angeles Television and Internet Week conference, hosted by GABBCON. In addition to getting to see the inside of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel for the first time, I was treated to a number of very interesting high level takes on what is going on in the TV and […]


Why TV is Moving to Impressions-based Measurement and the Benefits to Local

In recent weeks, there has been a tectonic shift of sorts happening in the broadcast media business. One after the other, we have seen broadcast groups – including NBC, CBS, ABC, Hearst, Graham and Gray announce that they will move away from ratings and begin using impressions, as their basis for measurement and selling. This […]


7 Reasons Broadcast Media Is Going Programmatic

Magna Global predicts big growth for programmatic buying of broadcast media. Here are the seven drivers set to fuel this growth over the next several years