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The Importance of Brand Recognition in a Fast-Changing Media Landscape

The importance of brand recognition has never been higher, as companies try to connect with consumers in an increasingly fractured media landscape.


Cross-Platform Marketing Is No Longer Just for New Brands

Now that 74 percent of households have either a smart TV or a connected TV, cross-platform marketing is a must.


Daily Screen Time Is on the Rise: What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

Americans have an average daily screen time of 8 hours and 46 minutes. What’s the best way to reach these consumers?


The TV Commercial Production Process Is Evolving: Are You Ready?

Marketers have a lot more to think about during the TV commercial production process these days.


Customer Journey Awareness: The Path to Cross-Platform Ad Success

When constructing a cross-platform ad campaign, customer journey awareness is crucial. Here’s how to map that journey.