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Targeting Older Consumers: Why Baby Boomers Deserve Another Look

Marketers are missing the mark for targeting older consumers. Here’s how to understand the 50+ crowd.


Marketing to Middle America? Why You Should Rethink It

Stereotypes can nix marketing to Middle America, which isn’t a place or even a demographic. Learn how to connect with universal values.


Does Addressable Advertising Spell the End of Demographics?

Addressable advertising is coming to television. Will advertisers still need demographics for TV ads? Or are demographics old-fashioned?


Takeaways From the Hispanic TV Summit: Insights on Hispanic Television Consumers

Programmatic TV can help advertisers reach Hispanic television consumers with both mass and niche messaging.


Expanding Your Target Market: How Far Should You Go?

When is expanding your target market a good idea? Though audience trends are getting smaller and smaller, sometimes, you just need to go big.