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Regulation of Online Political Ads vs. TV Ads

Unlike TV ads, online political ads are still very much the Wild West, with little regulation that can’t be easily circumvented.


Mobile TV Usage: What’s the Story?

Mobile TV viewing is growing fast. Marketers need to rethink their strategies to account for the rise in mobile viewing and the convergence of digital.


TV and Digital Advertising: Lies We Believe

For the modern brand, TV and digital advertising are just two of many required marketing channels. Don’t believe the lie you have to choose between them.


Ad Relevance and Automation: What Do the Stats Say?

Adobe said 49 percent of US internet users find ad relevance in linear TV—not digital video. Does this mean programmatic isn’t working? We explain.


Digital Advertising Platforms vs. Traditional Channels: Know When and How to Choose

The modern marketer needs to understand which digital advertising platforms and traditional channels are right for their goals.