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Can TV Advertising Regulations Keep Up With the Change?

Regarding TV advertising regulations, is more or less better? And does that matter in today’s current political climate?


Midterm Results and Net Neutrality: Will Congress Rule Over the FCC?

Observers have linked the 2018 midterm results and net neutrality, but how will the Democrat-controlled House actually handle a pro-deregulation FCC?


The T-Mobile Acquisition of Layer3 TV, Net Neutrality—and TV at Large

Another week, another company adds television to its interests. What does the T-Mobile acquisition of Layer3 TV mean for the broadcast industry?


How Will the FCC’s New Local TV Studios Policy Affect Local TV?

The FCC eliminated the 80-year-old “Main Studio Rule” requiring TV stations to maintain local TV studios. How will this affect the local TV landscape?


What the New Television “Network” Means for Buyers

As the FCC relaxes ownership limits, TV station groups are growing. This can be good for local TV buyers as a new kind of television “network” arrives.