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How Voice-Activated TV Talks Back to Advertisers

Voice-activated TV is catching on with consumers—but advertisers should be paying attention as well, particularly for what it means for personalized ads.


TV Will Boost Your Social ROI

Research is showing television ads can drive social engagement (and social ROI), but marketers have to know how to effectively incorporate the two.


A Programmatic Super Bowl in a Digital World

We may live in a digital world, but programmatic Super Bowl buys are an example of television advertising’s staying power.


Are Advertisers Using Integrated Media Correctly?

Are advertisers taking full advantage of integrated media? There’s more to an ad’s success than simply aiming for consistency across platforms.


Cross-Platform Advertising: Increasing Your Reach With a Unified Strategy

The variety of platforms available to today’s brands has given birth to a new need: cross-platform advertising, a strategy that promotes unified messaging.