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2017 Kentucky Derby: Hats Off to Sponsors

The 2017 Kentucky Derby is slated to see a wide range of consumer brands signing on as sponsors, including longtime leading sponsor Yum! brands.


Advertising During March Madness: Finding Your Fans

Advertising during March Madness is a win for broadcasters—but advertisers must be smart to find their target fans, who may not root for the home team.


Reach vs. Impressions: What Savvy Media Buyers Should Know

It can be easy to confuse different TV metrics, especially when they go hand in hand. Comparing reach vs. impressions for your TV campaigns.


Kantar Makes Move in Ratings Race

Kantar Media attempts to better ratings rivals like Nielsen with new cross-platform and set-top box measurement capabilities.


The Television Ratings Game: What Is Right for You?

Television ratings are not what they used to be. The data boom has buyers looking for broader, more layered, and more in-depth data on their audiences.