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Local Broadcast News Meets the Rebirth of Linear

The 24-hour news cycle has put much pressure on local broadcast news stations to find ways to remain relevant. First it was 24-hour news channels, which fortunately had little in the way of local coverage, but the rise of digital media and social media, which often can be local, has put the squeeze on local […]


What Can Baby Yoda Teach Us About Linear TV?

At the 2019 TVOT NY conference, Howard Horowitz presented some real-world research at the start of my panel, “The Viewers Have Changed. Can We?” I was joined on the panel by Caavo Founder Ashish Aggarwal, LG’s head of US content development Mark Lee, Comcast Lab’s senior director of product management, Christian Peterson, and Sinclair ONE media […]


Linear TV Means Consistent Ad Revenue

Linear television offers consistent ad revenue and many advantages for advertisers.


TV Tech and the Changing Role of the CMO

The changing role of the CMO reflects technology advancements that let marketers reach consumers cross-channel. TV technology is the latest challenge.


Mobile TV Usage: What’s the Story?

Mobile TV viewing is growing fast. Marketers need to rethink their strategies to account for the rise in mobile viewing and the convergence of digital.